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 Donít spend big dollars trying to reinvent the wheel

Lean Manufacturing Ė A Practical Kaizen Approach

 Contact us to learn how kaizen, and continuous improvement can turn your organizationís culture from a static, task-driven thinking to an instinctive flexible, adaptable, and innovative environment

We know the theory of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, but more importantly, we understand how to apply them in the common sense, practical approach needed for success in your business environment                  (Total Quality Management)

"Whatís the one thing I should remember about Lean manufacturing?"

If we could only say one thing, it would be "Understand and eliminate the 7 Wastes of Production." The 7 Wastes are at the root of all unprofitable activity, and all tools of Lean should be focused on getting rid of waste. Build a solid foundation of continuous improvement at your company through the endless pursuit of waste elimination

The Seven Wastes:

  1. Over-Production
  1. Transportation
  1. Motion
  1. Waiting
  1. Processing
  1. Inventory
  1. Defects