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EDI Services

 Don’t spend big dollars trying to reinvent the wheel

We offer many services directly and indirectly related to EDI including:

EDI-Translation Software Support:

We have alliances with many software vendors which enable us to:   

Hardware Support:

        Includes mainframes and mid range systems:

AS400, DEC-Vax,Unix

          PC Systems

          DOS, Windows

Data Conversion:

Simply said, “convert from anything to anything”.  This includes the ability to use optical readers, and key punch if necessary.  Data conversion can be offered on a one shot basis or as an on-going service.

Data Integration to your Host System:

This is one of the most critical areas of a solid EDI system.  Data should be able to flow into the host system and be extracted easily. The most common way of doing this is in a batch mode (daily) or a fast batch mode (more than once a day).  If the format of the data feeding the host application system is designed properly, adding new trading partners using the same document should be a quick and easy setup process. This is the most critical issue and is usually the determining factor in a successful install.

Call us today for new or current implementations that require lengthy setup time to add additional trading partners!

EDI Translator software selection and setup:

Selecting the “right” translation software can be very difficult for the untrained person.  There are many issues to be considered including:


We offer on site personal one on one training, or training at our Florida location.  Classes are broken into several categories:


1.      Selling EDI internally

2.     Mass-Deployment

3.     Offering Value Added Services

4.      EDI as a weapon in the war of business


1.      Mapping

2.     Document flow and control

3.      Support

4.      Security


Make NO mistake EDI requires monitoring…

Remember when handling business transactions, a failure for whatever reason could result in late shipments, payments, or loss of business. We can monitor your system to ensure if there is a failure you are alerted.

Project Management:

            Call us to manage your complete EDI implementation or a new document.  We have a proven track record of being “on-time” and  ‘on-budget”.